An Indian study in Liechtenstein

Prior to Uni Li, I studied Economics in India, and in the course of those studies, I developed a strong interest in Finance.  My background in Business Administration and Economics provided me with compelling analytical capabilities and a very strong scientific comprehension. However, I realized that even though I loved Economics, I was in need of a more robust finance degree to become a well-rounded individual in the financial services industry. I decided to pursue an MSc in Finance programme to obtain a deeper understanding of the subject from an academic standpoint and to study at the University of Liechtenstein was the best decision I made.


I really enjoy studying alongside students from different countries with a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and languages. During group projects we were able to work collaboratively, appreciating our own unique differences and how to deal with them, which has been a very educational experience. Being a member of the START Vaduz club has helped me to expand my network and meet people who share similar goals to me.


Studying Finance at University of Liechtenstein is an experience that has not only deepened my financial knowledge but also increased my employment competition ability. Professors here give high-quality lectures and invite practitioners to give first-hand practical speeches.  Also, pro-theory assignments train my technical and software programming ability, and pro-practice assignments expose me to real-time market and investment strategies. The CFA/GARP oriented curriculum is something that I consider a blessing.


Career prospects are absolutely phenomenal. I am currently working as a Credit Analyst at a subsidiary of one of the most reputed private banks here in Liechtenstein. The course has provided me with not only advanced technical skillset and academic critical thinking but also with all the core values required in order to pursue a successful and fulfilling career in the financial services sector.


I am an adventure freak. There are wonderful hiking trails and other possible opportunities for mountain sports. For all the numerous cycling tracks here in the beautiful alpine land, I immerse myself in nature by biking here. All these extracurricular activities help me in maintaining a work-study-life balance.


Blog entry written by Bharath Raj, Vishnu Alasingar