Things to do in Liechtenstein

St. Moritz, Graubunden

Being the sixth smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein is full of opportunities, especially as a student. Whether you are into outdoor sports or culture – you will find it here! The list below includes some of the most fun things to do: 


Blausee, Canton of Bern


Vaduz Castle:

A must-see in Liechtenstein, which is of course the home of the Princely Family. The castle was built around the 12th century and offers a very interesting history. Unfortunately, it is closed to the public – but worth visiting on a 20min long trail from Städtle (Vaduz). If you’re lucky, you might even spot the Prince! 

Blausee, Canton of Bern



The city centre Städtle lies in the heart of Vaduz. Here, you will find bars (Altenbach, Esquire, Zwei Bar), souvenir shops, restaurants, a cathedral, museums and much more. The small city centre has a very relaxing vibe.  

Blausee, Canton of Bern


Stausee Steg:

This beautiful lake, located approx. 15min by car from Uni Li, is not only a very picturesque place but also the start of many outdoor activities. In winter, you can go cross country skiing around the lake with stunning views. In warmer weather, the lake is the starting point for many short hikes. Enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the restaurants! 

Blausee, Canton of Bern



Liechtenstein’s ski resort, located 1600 metres above sea level, offers many exciting opportunities. In winter, you can take the bus up to the resort to enjoy a day of skiing. In summer, you will find light walks or more challenging hikes in the resort.  

Blausee, Canton of Bern



The famous five-hour long hike offers nothing but amazing views of the whole country. As one of Liechtenstein’s many trails, comprising more than 400km, it is definitely one of the top hikes in the country.  

Blausee, Canton of Bern


Alpaca Trekking:

If you are an animal lover, then this activity is definitely for you. The tour includes guided hikes with llamas and alpacas, drinks and a BBQ, as well as stunning views all the way.


Blausee, Canton of Bern


Berggasthaus Masescha:

The restaurant, located in Triesenberg, is a perfect destination for every season. Enjoy impressive views over the valley on its terrace in summer or enjoy the cosy vibe in its authentic facilities in winter.


Blausee, Canton of Bern


Balzers Gutenberg Castle:

The castle dates back to the Middle Ages and is built 70m above the nearby village of Balzers. You can book a tour of the castle between May and October to explore its history.   

Blausee, Canton of Bern


Gamprin swimming pool:

On the hottest of summer days, Gamprin is a beautiful place to cool down. It’s a popular spot for students to meet for swimming or beach volleyball!



Whether you’re into hiking, culture, food or history, Liechtenstein offers something for everybody. Enjoy the variety of this beautiful Alpine state and make the most of your time as a student!  




Blog post and photo courtsey by Vivien and Bhargav. 

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