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Bhargav and Vivien, two MSc. Finance students conducted an interview with David Becker, an HR representative for LGT Liechtenstein. He gave insights into how to manage an application process - especially for graduates.

What type of candidate are you looking for? Describe your ideal candidate. 

From our point of view, there is not the one ideal candidate. At LGT, we offer a wide range of positions in different areas. Therefore, we are also looking for applicants with different backgrounds and experiences. As diverse as our clients are, as diverse are our employees. Related to the Graduate Program, we are looking for candidates with strong customer orientation and communication skills. Future LGT Graduates should identify with our values and have an ambition to make an impact in a longer term. 

What can Master in Finance students do during their studies to enhance their profile and increase their chances?

Benefit as much as possible from the courses during your studies. This will give you a good foundation for a career start in finance. I would also recommend gaining insights and practical experience into the financial industry and try to connect with companies in the region. Further, international experience and extracurricular activities, for example volunteer work for social or ecological causes, can also enhance your profile and increase your chances.

Do you have any recommendations in terms of interview preparation?

Prepare well for the interviews. In case of LGT, you will find all important information on our website. You should know what LGT does, what products and services we offer and what values we stand for. Moreover, you should have a clear view on your ambition and your expectations.

What technical knowledge do you require for the application process?

Not very much, actually very little technical knowledge is required. The online application process on our website is very simple and intuitive. 

What are your expectations during the graduate program?

In the Graduate Program we are looking for graduates who are eager to learn, who are team players and who have the willingness to go beyond the usual level of commitment. We offer a broad program and many different insights during 18 months. During this time, a lot of professional experiences can be gained and knowledge added, the learning curve is steep and that demands a lot from them. Graduates should benefit as much as possible during this time and develop into their target roles.

What was your own experience with job applications?

The most important thing is that you make use of the opportunities and apply. When I think back to the application process at LGT, it was very pleasant and as an applicant you are treated very professionally. If you are well prepared, you can really look forward to the interviews. 

What are your tips on networking, so that students can get more exposure?

Participate in the networking opportunities offered at the University of Liechtenstein, such as the Career Day, Brown Bag Lunches, etc. Network there with company representatives and try to find out what field you would like to work in in the future. Actively deal with the time after graduation and the start of your professional career.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Enjoy your time at university, benefit as much as you can and look forward to starting your career. We look forward to receiving many applications from the University of Liechtenstein.


We would like to thank LGT and David Becker for the interesting insights. 

Blog post by Vivien and Bhargav. 

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