The Benefits of Being an LGT Scholarship Recipient

Every year the LGT Bank AG awards two scholarships covering the tuition fees of the first two semesters of the MSc in Finance programme. The recipients are chosen based on their undergraduate performance, their personal integrity, and their agenda of volunteering. Sharing the honor with a fellow student, I was so fortunate to have been awarded that scholarship. 


Prior to pursuing my Master’s at the University of Liechtenstein, I had studied International Business at the University of Applied Sciences Krems, which is an hour’s drive away from Vienna. Growing an interest in financial services, I decided to add a successive graduate degree in that field. During a Master’s fair in Vienna, I became aware of the University of Liechtenstein and their MSc in Finance programme. Getting to talk to Jurij-Andrei Reichenecker, a PhD student and university ambassador at the fair, I decided to apply. The three main reasons, which led me to the University of Liechtenstein and which I still cherish today are (I) the programme’s asset management focus and CFA orientation, (II) the personal atmosphere, and (III) Liechtenstein’s strategic geographic location


I applied for the LGT scholarship at the beginning of May, close to four months prior to the start of the MSc programme. Half-way through July, my letterbox held both a scholarship acceptance letter and an invitation to a meeting with LGT’s head of Group Human Resources, Gustav Stendahl, and the MSc in Finance programme director. Two more meetings ensued, allowing me to present on my undergraduate’s impressions and highlights as well as my future professional interests. Not only did the scholarship help me financially, it also supported me during my studies. By appreciating my previous university commitment, it served as a personal incentive to deliver my best academic performance.


Furthermore, the opportunity to meet and present in front of LGT executives sharpened my insights into the local financial industry. Collaborating with LGT, the University of Liechtenstein not only benefits students with a top-notch academic education, but, too, with a stepping stone to the regional job market. I am grateful to both the University of Liechtenstein and LGT Bank for their opportunity and support.


Blog entry written by Markus Haas