Leisure Time in Liechtenstein · 27. August 2021
Things to do in Liechtenstein
Explore Liechtenstein with splendid locations and amazing experiences. Make the best out of your student life.
Travel in Swiss with Day pass
Traveling through the beautiful landscape of the Swiss Alps while studying at the University of Liechtenstein.
International Exchange · 24. May 2021
Educational Journey 2021
A group of MSc Finance students began the spring holiday last week in western Germany and concluded it in New York City.
Student Experience · 26. October 2020
My interest in finance and capital markets was triggered through a stock exchange simulation I participated in during the last two years of school. This experience was the foundation of the decision to strive for a career in the financial industry and was fostered through an apprenticeship as banking professional with a focus on asset management. To dive deeper into the theoretical concepts of the financial industry, I completed an undergraduate program in business administration with majors in...
Student Experience · 15. July 2020
The Principality of Liechtenstein is a great place to live, work, do sports, spend vacations and it is also the home for the University of Liechtenstein. I had an idea of all these things not too long before we moved to the Principality with my family: my husband and my 9-month-old baby at the time, due to my husband’s work. However, it wasn’t until I was living already here that I learned more in detail about the University and the Graduate Programs it offers. I say with pride and...
Student Experience · 23. June 2020
The most valuable skill I’ve picked up from the MSc in Finance programme of the University of Liechtenstein is the ability to work in multicultural teams through numerous group assignments on practical business cases.
International Exchange · 10. May 2019
Part of the educational journey is a program regarding "cultural appreciation" of the host country. In this case this means diving into the cultural heritage Hong Kong has to offer. Part of the group chose to visit the famous Tian Tan Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery in this context.
CFA and CAIA · 09. May 2019
The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) is the globally recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing or regulating alternative investments (such as real assets, hedge funds, private equity and/or structured products). Our program is currently the only MSc in Finance worldwide awarded with a triple professional association university partnership (CAIA, CFA, GARP). Two alumni of our program , Wolfdieter Schnee and Michael Werle describe the significance of...
Exchange Semester · 08. March 2019
Picture of Warsaw
Although I spent my exchange semester only exactly 1,000km linear distance from Vaduz I found myself in a completely different culture. I lived more than four months in Poland, more precisely the capital city of Poland Warsaw. The third semester for me was the perfect time to take the chance to go abroad and I decided to go to the best partner university of Liechtenstein – the Akademia Leona Kozminskiego (Kozminski University).
25. February 2019
Between Sept. 2011 and Jan. 2015, the Swiss National Bank intervened in FX markets with the explicit goal of keeping the EURCHF exchange rate above 1.20. This «lower bound» policy had two effects: First, it kept the exchange rate at an artifically inflated level, and second, it reduced its volatility significantly. It was clear from the outset that this policy would be only of a temporary nature, but it was unclear when and why it would be discontinued.

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