Student Experience

Student Experience · 26. October 2020
My interest in finance and capital markets was triggered through a stock exchange simulation I participated in during the last two years of school. This experience was the foundation of the decision to strive for a career in the financial industry and was fostered through an apprenticeship as banking professional with a focus on asset management. To dive deeper into the theoretical concepts of the financial industry, I completed an undergraduate program in business administration with majors in...
Student Experience · 15. July 2020
The Principality of Liechtenstein is a great place to live, work, do sports, spend vacations and it is also the home for the University of Liechtenstein. I had an idea of all these things not too long before we moved to the Principality with my family: my husband and my 9-month-old baby at the time, due to my husband’s work. However, it wasn’t until I was living already here that I learned more in detail about the University and the Graduate Programs it offers. I say with pride and...
Student Experience · 23. June 2020
The most valuable skill I’ve picked up from the MSc in Finance programme of the University of Liechtenstein is the ability to work in multicultural teams through numerous group assignments on practical business cases.
Student Experience · 26. June 2018
Luxembourg City
Despite the demanding workload of the MSc Finance programme of the University of Liechtenstein, there will still be some spare time left that students have at their disposal to sharpen their career profiles by gaining some work experience, taking part in student competitions or deepening their expertise of finance topics by pursuing one of the programmes offered by finance associations such as the CFA institute, CAIA or GARP.
Student Experience · 23. May 2018
Castle Vaduz in Liechtenstein
“Liechtenstein is an unusual place to commence one’s studies. It says something about the type of people who decide to study here. They are very independent, talented, they like to take risks, they are very ambitious and they are critical towards branding. Instead, they like to make up their own minds. If you are this type of person, then I would recommend studying at the University of Liechtenstein.”
Student Experience · 09. May 2018
University of Economics in Vienna Campus
Before coming to Liechtenstein, I completed my bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During my Bachelor studies, I developed a special interest in asset management and decided to write my Bachelor’s thesis about Markowitz's modern portfolio theory. This is when I realized that I would like a to start a career in an area related to applied financial mathematics.
Student Experience · 15. March 2018
LGT Bank in Vaduz, Headquarters of LGT in Liechtenstein
Personally, I guess that every Finance student is on the hunt for something special that sets them apart from their colleagues. Something extraordinary that enables them to be ahead of the curve and provides them with a margin or simply put: Something that makes them interesting for employers and looks good on their CV. Such opportunities come in various shapes and forms: It doesn’t matter if it's an internship at a well-established institution that gets you a foot in the door.