How I met the Prince or a Small University Offering Huge Opportunities

LGT Bank in Vaduz, Headquarters of LGT in Liechtenstein

Personally, I guess that every Finance student is on the hunt for something special that sets them apart from their colleagues. Something extraordinary that enables them to be ahead of the curve and provides them with a margin or simply put: Something that makes them interesting for employers and looks good on their CV.


Such opportunities come in various shapes and forms: It doesn’t matter if it's an internship at a well-established institution that gets you a foot in the door. A part-time job that helps you pay your bills and lets you put your knowledge into practice while gaining valuable experience in the industry. An extracurricular course that shows your willingness to go beyond what is required or meeting experts and iconic figures of the financial world at special events to broaden your network and exchange ideas. During my time at the University of Liechtenstein one such opportunity was, when I was invited to meet the CEO of the LGT Group, HRH Prince Max of Liechtenstein, for a discussion round.


Correct, a few fellow students and I were asked to spend an entire afternoon at the LGT headquarters in Vaduz where we were introduced to the CEO of the country’s largest bank who also is a member of the royal family of Liechtenstein. What started out with a brief company tour quickly evolved into a lively discussion of how LGT, its latest takeover Vestra and global wealth management in general, were affected by the uncertainties that accompanied the BREXIT. Once the discussion was over, a lovely arrangement of freshly cooked snacks and cold drinks awaited us and the networking part of the event started which enabled us to get in touch with LGT’s recruiter.


The bottom line of that experience is that my alma mater is a place where great opportunities await. It is the place where your academic efforts and merits are recognized, respected and rewarded. A place that by itself gets you ahead of the curve by offering you the opportunity to meet and connect with potential employers after barely collecting your first ECTS. It is the place that leaves a lasting footprint on your résumé that resonates with the financial industry. So, if you happen to be a Finance student chasing the extraordinary - look no further, because you’ve found it.



Blog entry written by Lukas Salcher