My exchange semester in Poland

Picture of Warsaw

Although I spent my exchange semester only exactly 1,000km linear distance from Vaduz, I found myself in a completely different culture. I lived more than four months in Poland, more precisely the capital city Warsaw. The third semester was the perfect time for me to take the chance to go abroad and I decided to go to the (according to me) best partner university of Liechtenstein – the Akademia Leona Kozminskiego (Kozminski University).


There are several reasons I call it the best partner university of the University of Liechtenstein. First, Kozminski University is triple crown accredited which means that it is accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Just to give you an insight how impressive this accreditation is: other triple crown accredited Business School are HEC, EDHEC, ESADE or London Business School which belong to the best Business Schools in the world. Second, the university has a typical Business School teaching style which means a lot of case studies, group discussions and presentations. And third, Alumni from Kozminski University work for the most prestigious employers in the financial sector such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan or BlackRock.


You can benefit from this network also as an exchange student as the professors are really open to help everybody with his or her future career plans. But to be honest it was only by chance that I ended up in Warsaw. The deadline to apply for the partner university already passed and I really wanted to spend my semester abroad in an English-speaking country as a freemover. So, I went to the international office to ask for their support and they asked why I don’t consider to go to a partner university for which I would get an Erasmus grant. Furthermore, they told me that it would also be easier to get the accreditation for the ECTS points taken during the exchange semester.


The only partner university I was interested in was Kozminski University and so after having successfully applied, I ended up spending one semester in Warsaw. As soon as I arrived in Warsaw, I knew that it’s going to be the most exciting time of my life and that nothing will be like at home. Although the university has "only" about 8,0000 students which is not that big compared to other major universities, campus life was completely different. The university has its own gym for example, next to a lot of student clubs which made the atmosphere very special. I particularly enjoyed the activities offered by these clubs such as for example welcome parties, international dinners, Christmas parties, and even trips such as one to Krakow.



Moreover, these activities gave me the opportunity to connect with other students from all around the world. And to be honest, this is what it’s all about: to meet people from different cultures with different languages and different origins. Warsaw is an amazing city for students. Compared to western European countries the living costs are quite cheap and you can really enjoy the different opportunities this city has to offer. Furthermore, because of its central location in Poland, Warsaw is the perfect place to start trips to other Polish cities as well even to Scandinavia or the Baltic states. So, if you think about going abroad, I can only encourage you to do so! Take the opportunities the partnerships of the University of Liechtenstein has to offer! I am almost certain you won’t regret it!


Blog entry written by Simon Mangold