International Educational journeys

Meet the finanCial Hubs of the World

Liechtenstein's mere 38,000 inhabitants and its 160 km² in area make the importance of international ties and relationships to thrive very clear. Therefore, international exchange and cooperation is one of the core values of our university and the MSc in Finance programme.  We express this value by not only having a very diverse and international body of students but also by organizing an educational journey to a foreign destination once a year. In general, these journeys take you to international financial hubs such as Hong Kong, Singapore or New York. They are accredited with 3 ECTS based on the work assignments that have to be fulfilled during the travel and a written report about the obtained insights made during the stay.


For example, 2017's educational journey took place in Hong Kong and Singapore. It was an enriching experience that involved the exchange of ideas with local wealth managers, private banks and asset managers. Furthermore, the journey allowed the students to get a better understanding of cross-cultural communication and to develop and increase their international professional network.